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Adam Milat-Meyer

October 20, 2014

The memorial for Morgan Powell and the Vito Marcantonio Phenomenon was a great success. The VMF would like to thank Gaetana’s for hosting event; David Giglio for filming the event and providing highly educational and entertaining video. Adam Milat-Meyer for working the projector and Kevin O’Connor for his live audio engineering skills. Gerald Meyer delivered an in-depth eulogy for Bronx historian and activist, Morgan Powell, who passed away a few weeks earlier.

Donations for Morgan Powell are currently being collected and a full memorial service will be on TUESDAY, October 28th at the historic Andrew Freedman Home located at 1125 Grand Concourse. . No next in kin has been located. The city will release his body to The Friends of Morgan Powell once arrangements have been determined. For more info click:


the late kristopher morgan powell (1973-2014)

Kristopher Morgan Powell (1973-2014)

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Thanks to everyone who attended the VMF Memorial Service August 9th

On behalf of the Vito Marcantonio Forum, we would like to thank everyone who contributed. We could not have done it alone and we appreciate the help.

Melissa Mark Viverito, Speaker of the New York City Council, delivered an inspiring speech for everyone in attendance. We will post video soon. BronxNet TV covered the event as well as American Oggi

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Covello event!

heart is the teacher by leonard covelloThe Heart is the Teacher by Leonard Covello is a masterpiece. Vito Marcantonio Forum’s Vice President, Maria Lisella was a great host. Rose from ITA was there as were a few other ITA members. She offered space at NYU in future; and is open to taking this show on the road, it to other venues.

At the same time, New York Public Library’s Sherri offered a space that could accommodate 50 for future events; I did not know there was an alternate space. Having a turnaway crowd was good in one sense but really, the VMF needs enough room to fit everyone.

LuLu LoLo Pascale and Roberto Ragone did really terrific jobs…LuLu’s switching from Narduccio’s mother to father to Salvatore and Narduccio himself was masterful; Roberto splicing his delivery with jokes was great.

VMF covello event the heart is the teacher

Maria Lisella did a great job getting the event listen AM New York, a publication that is handed out free in NYC subways (and elsewhere) every day. VMF would like to officially thank them for the listing.

The coffee and a few snacks perfect…not too much but enough to create a welcoming atmosphere. Stay tuned for the next Vito Marcantonio Forum event.